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Do you need an FAA Part 107 Certified Commercial Remote Pilot In-Command?

If you will receive compensation from the use of the pictures, or video,

then an FAA Certified Remote Pilot In-Command is required by Federal Law.


For example, a monetized YouTube, or other social media account, realtor property showings, wedding footage, structure inspections, roofing inspections, etc.


Our Drone Pilot is an FAA Part 107 Certified Commercial Remote Pilot In-Command.

They wear a Type 2 Safety Vest (pictured below) for safe operations and easy identification.

As required they will have their FAA sUAS Remote Pilot License visibly available on our vest.

We use the FAA B4UFLY for uncontrolled airspace operations.


Controlled Air Space Notification

If you need operations conducted in a Controlled Airspace prior written notice from you MUST be given.

We will obtain the authorization through the FAA's Low Altitude Authorization & Notification Capability.


Have a questions?  Use the Contact Us link for a prompt reply.

Valid Certification available upon request.



Pricing $25 Hour / 2 Hour Minimum


Payment Options: Cash, Check, Debit/Credit

Cash / Check


Processed through Square, PayPal, or Zelle



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