Mobile notary services provided within Palm Beach County.



The following maximum fees for performing notarial acts are allowed by Florida law (FS 28.24, 117.045 and 117.05)


  Acknowledgements $10 : An acknowledgement fee is not to exceed $10 for each certificate. For notarizing a document with three (3) signatures, a maximum of $10 may be charged.

  Jurats $10 : For executing a jurat, including the administration of the verbal oath or affirmation, the fee is not to exceed $10 per certificate

  Verifying a VIN $20: Both the VIN and Odometer form requires the Notary to perform two separate notarial acts a sum of $20 for both Part A and B may be charged.  You'll need to have the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicle's Vehicle Identification Number & Odometer Verification form (#82042), which can be FOUND HERE.

  Inventory of contents of safe- deposit box $10: For being present at the opening of a safe-deposit box and completing the certificate the maximum fee is $10


  Certified copy $10 : Maximum $10 per copy

  Marriages $30: For solemnizing the rites of matrimony the Notarial fee is $30


  Service Fee $20: Hospital, Nursing Home and similar visitation for notarizations.


  Remote Online Notary $25: Not currently available.  Coming Soon!



Florida permits Notaries to charge a separate travel fee.

These fees are not stipulated by law but must be agreed upon by the signer and the notary prior to the notarization.

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